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Every company has a heartbeat. Ours sounds like this:


We believe that there is a better way.


From the smallest start-up to the industry giant, legal solutions are no longer a luxury. Whether it is that one incident that requires intense legal representation or simply issues that arise naturally in the day-to-day business context, companies need a law firm that is on their side.



We deliver Solutions. We do not sell Minutes.

Herbert Legal Group wants to be an integral member of your business team. Nothing splits up a team more than that unexplained, surprise invoice for services clients were not expecting, did not approve of or did not understand. Time-based billing creates a wall of separation between team members which can hamper even the best working relationship.


No fear. No clock.

Our biggest competition is not other law firms. Our biggest competition is business owners doing nothing. We will take that call. We will take that meeting. If we cannot offer you on a solution during that time, then that time is on us. At least you will trust us enough to call us next time.


Who we are.

We are business owners just like you and understand the opportunities and challenges of building something lasting and important. We cannot commit to open-ended invoicing from our service providers either. We measure our resources and employ them in a way that creates value for our clients first and our company second. Sound familiar? We treat you the way we want to be treated.



Join Us.

We think our impact on the legal industry will be disruptive. People are sitting up to take notice. It is a little bit revolutionary. Come join the revolution.

We are off the clock and on your side.